Michels Rainforest

At Michel’s, we strive to drive continuous positive transformation and progress within our Supply Chain.  Our Rainforest Alliance certification acts as a guarantee
that every batch of coffee we offer has been produced in an ethical manner, in accordance with the stringent
guidelines set by the Rainforest Alliance. When you choose Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, it signifies that the coffee has been grown following strict standards aimed at protecting the environment, empowering coffee producers, and supporting local communities.
The advantages of opting for Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee extend throughout the entire supply chain: farmers and workers gain access to more sustainable livelihoods, brands can provide high-quality products, and consumers can make choices that reflect their values, placing their trust in the brands they select.
Selecting Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee means you’re not merely savoring a cup of coffee; you’re enjoying coffee that has been cultivated with a
commitment to preserving biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability.

Michel’s takes great pride in being Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring that you can savour coffee with a clear conscience.

For more information, please visit ra.org.