Our Coffee


The Michel’s Coffee Story

Our professional baristas pour passion and care into each Michel’s Award winning espresso they create, with the art of European refinement evident in every drop.


We source beans from sustainable farms from some of the most exotic regions in Brazil, Africa and Asia. The beans are then roasted to perfection by our Master Roaster. Our Signature blend is a smooth, balanced coffee with rich notes of chocolate underpinned with subtle berry tones.

Roast Facilities

Our beans are roasted in our state-of-the-art convection drum roasters at our facilities in NSW. Using our advanced system of roasting and packaging ensures a high quality coffee every time.


Roasting Australia, where our blend is expertly crafted, have won over 50 industry accredited awards for the high quality and unique profile and flavours of their coffees. We work closely with the team to create blends to satisfy the palates of our customers.

Master Roasters

We are unequalled when it comes to custom roasting capacity, boasting a team of master coffee roasting and blending experts with 35 years of experience in creating long-term consistent, flavourful blends.


Our trained Baristas expertly craft the perfect cup to ensure we deliver a unique and memorable coffee experience every time.