Win Free Coffee

For a Year

How would you like to enjoy your daily coffee for FREE?

In celebration of Michel’s turning 30, we gave away free coffee for a year to 30 lucky winners! Please see the list of winners below.

If you are a winner, please be sure to check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize.

Thank you all for supporting Michel’s!

  • Amanda Lim, VIC
  • Amber Faul, QLD
  • Bronwen O’Keefe, NSW
  • Caitlin Gray, WA
  • Darrion Warwick-Hart, QLD
  • Friska Susanti, NSW
  • Garyth Young, NSW
  • Hayley Gorman, NSW
  • Heather Lowden, SA
  • Helen Miller, NSW
  • Jess Curtis, SA
  • Jill Burke, QLD
  • Jody Smith, NSW
  • Karina Lee, NSW
  • Lauren Miller, QLD
  • Linda Luc, VIC
  • Lynelle Woodbury, VIC
  • Madeline Price, NSW
  • Mark Cross, NSW
  • Rhonda Delmege, NSW
  • Robert Santamaria, NSW
  • Robyn Nielsen, QLD
  • Sam Taylor, SA
  • Sarah Solotwa, NSW
  • Sarah Stage, NSW
  • Serena Wilkins, SA
  • Shrila Dayal, NSW
  • Vicki Southey, QLD
  • Wendi Lin, VIC
  • Willie Tanuvasa, VIC