Summer Spritzers
Cool Down Your Summer with Michel’s

Sipping a fresh, ice cold drink on a searing hot day is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. To help quench your thirst, Michel’s Patisserie has introduced a range of fun and fruity mocktails with the perfect amount of bubbly sparkle!

There are five Summer Spritzers to choose from that will make for a delicious refreshment in-store or when on-the-go in the summer heat.

Summer Spritzers Range:

Lemon, Manuka & Ginger
Delicious lemonade with the subtle sweetness of golden manuka honey, spicy ginger and a lemony zest

Creaming Soda
Traditional creaming soda with sweet vanilla undertones. Finished with juicy raspberries

A refreshing, fragrant soda complete with blueberries and gentle floral notes

Bubbly soda water infused with the sweet flavours of raspberry. Garnished with fresh, ruby red raspberries

Lemon, Lime & Bitters
A tropical twist on the classic lemon, lime and bitters with the addition of a sweet slice of peach

Head into your local store to find out about today’s available flavours and cool down your Summer with Michel’s!

We have stores in major metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane, plus regional stores across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, as well as Western Australia and South Australia.

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*Summer Spritzer range may vary from store to store. Subject to availability, while stocks last.