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Cake Decoration Sets

Have fun not only eating the cake, but decorating it too! Theme your child's party around one of our themed decoration sets.

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Just because you didn’t bake the cake doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to create a completely unique cake and make your next celebration special and memorable. Whether you want to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations or Welcome to the Team, our personalised cakes are the answer. We bake our cakes made to order and can incorporate unique personalised messages, photos and cake decoration sets.

Visit our online patisserie and personalise a cake today or your local store for our full range of personalised cakes and customisation options.  

Choc Mud Flakes

Carrot Cake with Message

Strawberry Gateaux Message Cake

Mud Cake & Novelty Decoration Set

Message Cake - Caramel Mud

Message Cake - Mud Cake with Strawberries

Message Cake - White Mud

Fairy Cake Decoration Set